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The Purpose of Psychic Ability is Service

What do you do if you are a military person and you are extremely psychic? I'm Tina Erwin, a retired US Navy Commander, and I spent twenty years working for the Submarine Force.  I know how important psychic ability is. I watched how submariners used their ‘gut feeling’ to sense their submarines. They could feel the boat, they knew when something felt off. Was that sense psychic ability? I believe it is. Through my books and Youtube videos I will share how anyone can improve their psychic ability, their intuitive sense by understanding the physics principles that apply to all of us.

Once you can understand these concepts, you can learn how to help the dead, how to trust your own intuition, how to develop your own psychic ability to be of service in a variety of situations, and finally how karma plays a role in your spiritual life.

Every Thursday at 4 pm PST, you can watch us live on Facebook HERE. Or listen at your convenience below!

The Oil Lounge

The Karmic Path Radio Show is sponsored by The Oil Lounge. Have you wondered what all the hype is about essential oils? Do you want to learn more?  These women are grounded in the science behind how they work, and what can be helpful to you and why! Grab a cup of coffee and find out what makes this team so amazing!