Understanding Basic Karma Part 1

Butterflies are a classic example of balancing karma.
Photography by Tina Erwin. All Rights Reserved.

Often we have problems in life because we have not fully understood the karmic ramifications of previous actions.

The Great Masters study karma for many lifetimes to understand the nuances of how it works. We can know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, a physics law which is the essence of karma. But how does that work in reality?

If we’re kind to someone, then they’re kind to us in return. But what if we’re kind all the time and we feel like we are getting our teeth kicked in? Why isn't what we send out being returned? Maybe what we sent out in another time and place is being returned. It doesn't mean that we stop being kind. It means that we must evaluate our life differently and determine what we are attracting and why.

What about lottery winners? What if they have a life of ordinary problems and then one day they win the lottery? Perhaps, that’s a karmic buildup from another time and place and in an instant it’s all returned. Now, if the lottery winner shares the wealth, is not greedy, takes good care of himself and enjoys life, but does not ignore the needs of others, then this person will continue to build interest on previous positive karma and positive things continue.

What about the super wealthy? They earn questionable karma in their business practices if the have cheated others and raped the environment. What about that karmic debt? We will have no way of knowing how that will be resolved. Nothing is black or white. How that is resolved is not readily visible. The scales are constantly being balanced in ways we do not readily see. This is why we cannot judge the path of another.

Perhaps you want a particular job and you don't get it. You can choose whether or not to feel angry. If you are on a spiritual path, you recognize that that may not have been the best job for you and thank the karmic guides for leading you to a better job. Maybe you earned the better job, and you karmically did not need the first one. Now you will gain more experiences in the second.

Looking for the balance in situations will help to resolve many life problems without anger, resentment or pain. Looking for the lesson in every situation will help reduce the feeling that you’re weighed down with life problems.

By Tina Erwin

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