The Plan Karmic Illnesses Part 3

The study of karma is amazing indeed. Let us look at another example of how things can work.

What is the karma of illness? This can be a touchy issue. Even to address it makes a person seem lacking in compassion, but it must be addressed.

It seems easy to discuss someone else’s illness when we are feeling robust and full of health. It is much harder if we are the person suffering and we have to address our own illness. What is the karma of illness?

Some illnesses or medical conditions are karmic conditions we are born with. How we handle these throughout a lifetime makes a difference in the next life we live. Some other conditions we develop along the way. What causes a karmic condition? These can be from past lives or from a soul’s desire for a specific experience to learn how to heal it. Usually we will never know what caused a specific physical condition unless concentrated effort is made to go back into life after life to work on healing all that has led up to the condition. This is not always necessary and few if any people do it. In this life, learning all the lessons that a condition can teach us is exceptionally powerful. Even more powerful, is owning our emotions, which means taking responsibility for the physical affect emotions have on our corporeal body, can bring about many levels of healing. Can any person be cured? All is possible. We all have free will and can decide how much we will choose to heal in any lifetime. The more we emotionally and physically heal, the more we create positive karma.

The problem with illness is that we throw medicine and procedures at the body and demand that it get better. Routinely we fight the illness and often our bodies. We are eternally treating the symptom. We are completely ignoring the power of the subconscious to heal the physical body. This takes care, nurturing and dedicated work to grow past all the ancient hurts and end painful experiences. Frankly, this aspect of soul evolution is perhaps the very hardest spiritual task of all to do.

Sometimes the karma of a condition has to play out all the way, throughout an entire lifetime. Sometimes it does not. The journey through the lifetime of the condition, how it is lived and the healing that is applied, and the service that is rendered to help others heal determines to a large degree what body a person will have in the next life. We choose in every moment to live happily or to live a life of limitation. Each choice carries with it a degree of karma. This is not something to fear, but something to embrace as an endless opportunity to grow and above all to know love. The lessons of illness are very often lessons of learning to know love and removing fear of pain.

Knowing love means we love ourselves. It also means that we grow to love the very body that has seemingly caused us so much pain, and above all, we love life.

By Tina Erwin

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