The Karmic Plan Part 8: Working for Peace

Who is working for peace these days? What is the karma of working for peace? How does one go about working for peace? What is working for peace? What can one person do?

Every single person who prays for peace in the world is working for peace. The positive, selfless prayers of each of us are the energy that feeds the Heaven World. These prayers are an energy source because it takes energy to diligently send those prayers.

The karma of working for peace is quite simple: what you send out returns to you. When you send out prayers for peace, for good judgment, for kindness and understanding and you consciously ask nothing in return, then it is as if you magnify those prayers. Whatever you’re nationality, you help the country you are in, because it is an act of unselfish charity that returns not just to you but to your country.

How does one go about working for peace? You work for peace by giving love to the world with your heart. Give love to the world even though you may not feel that they love you in return. Perhaps, the rest of the world just does not know us and by our positive energy directed without discrimination to the entire world, we will have helped the entire world to heal and to know love. Someone asked if that included terrorists. Of course it does. Every soul on the planet is looking for love and kindness. Give every soul what it needs, your selfless love.

What is working for peace? Spiritual practices, which include sending the power of love to the whole world, are powerful indeed. Dr. George King from the Aetherius Society once noted that it was not all the guns and the fighting that won the second World War, it was the heartfelt prayers of all the mothers and wives and sisters and dads and relatives from all over the world that prayed for peace to come to the entire world that did eventually bring about the peaceable end. One could argue that the size of the Allied firepower that really mattered. But think what would have happened if no one had prayed? That was his point.

What can one person do? One person can do a great deal. Every day send a prayer for the healing of the entire world. Send the world your love. Imagine the entire world bathed in beautiful white light, a light of love to clear the darkness. The positive energy of every single soul on the planet makes a difference. You make a difference. Thank you for making that difference.


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