The Karmic Plan Part 7: An Eye for an Eye

            The law of karma frequently confuses us because we hear people of ancient and current religions talk of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But what does this mean? Does this mean that we sit in judgment of another who apparently has done a painful thing to someone and who is now going to pay for it in like manner by the judgment and actions of another person?

What if, the “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” concept, were misinterpreted. What if the real concept is karma and divine law simply takes care of balancing the scales of justice? What if this was not the job of mortal souls but the job of divine justice. Would this then be in the purest sense absolute faith and trust in the divine process?

After any horrific event, especially a terrorist attack or assault/murder of any kind, many people call for revenge and pray that the terrorists or murders will go to hell. Praying for a terrible thing to happen to another is black prayer and is simply wrong, no matter what someone else has done. Black prayer literally creates an intention and can put us in resonance with the very people we are angry about. Perhaps the best actions will continue to be to pray with all your heart for the healing of the entire world, that all souls will know love and that healing will come to this planet as a Divine Soul. Any other action implies a judgment of events, which are bewildering in their complexity.

The truth is that we don’t know what is happening in various events. We don’t know how karma was working in that moment or how it will continue to work for the benefit of all the inhabitants of this planet. As we watch the news, we are aware of events that happen, but beyond that, we dare not judge, for that is not our job. Not judging is quite freeing, for we no longer have to decide, we just observe and do what we can do and move on. Say a wonderful prayer for those who suffer and then get on with your life. Dwelling on sadness is the creation of fear and depression. ray and then move on with your day. You will have done all that can be done in that moment.

This is a critical element of trusting that the civil authorities will do a proper investigation and bring the perpetrators to some sort of justice through the only legal system we have. Using the legal system elevates all players so that we do not become like the terrorists or the murderers. The system of justice that balances the civil scales and removes individuals from continuing to cause harm is a far more dispassionate way to behave. It is the civilized way. Without the civilized way of life, we return to the barbaric way of life and anarchy would be the result. This legal process allows for the laws of karma to operate on a day-to-day level.       The eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth type of justice eventually leaves every one toothless and blind. The Divine Law of Karma brings about justice in a natural way a way we may not anticipate or always understand. The scales of life are always balanced. We as mortals just have to have faith that this so and become in resonance with the Divine laws of karmic balance.

By Tina Erwin

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