The Karmic Plan Part 6: The Darkness Within

            Ever ponder why things happen to people? Do you ever wonder why some people are involved in endless lawsuits, or have chronic tragedy, health problem or have illnesses occur one after the other? Some people look at it in a way that says that the world is against me, poor me or I’m just tired of living.

Some people look for the significance in each event and try to learn from each event. What separates people who move forward spiritually and people who stay where they are is the ability to look at themselves as part of the problem and do not blame other people. This does not mean the spiritual path seeker is a martyr. It means that they do not take everything personally. They work diligently at getting themselves out of the way and they look for a different solution to problems that arise in the future.

In other words, they learn from each lesson presented, looking for answers and then embracing the experience. They clear their own darkness.

There is an interesting movie called “Stigmata.” A young woman stumbles onto her spiritual path and does seek the light. However, there are graphic parts of the film where she has to clear her own darkness. The demons that have been with her life after life are finally expelled. She even looks lighter. We roll over our darknesses life after life, never really giving them up.

What is ‘a darkness’? It is a fear, an anger, a rage or a hatred, that you hang on to life after life. You are seldom aware you carry it, but many of you do. You do have the option of stepping back from life events and beginning to release those demons, owning them and setting them free. Then you can replace that dark part of yourself with light.

These actions change your karmic path. When you stop blaming, you stop hurting others. Sometimes you have to slow down actions before you can bring about change. Patience, courage and hope are the wellspring of change. Courage is always the first freedom because without courage, you don’t believe in yourself enough to believe you can leave the darkness. Patience allows you to look at a situation and hope enables you to believe you can have a different life. Try an experiment for a week. Look at not taking things personally and stepping aside from events. Then, just look at them in a detached way. See what discoveries you can make. Even such a humble action can begin to positively change your karmic path.

As you do step aside, as you get yourself out of the way, you may be surprised to see that sometimes people are responding to your behavior. Change that old behavior, or reaction or tired response and think before you say something. Try a different response, one that is positive, not negative one that sees a different view. You may be quite surprised at how just such a simple action changes how people respond to you. If you have a spouse or teenagers, consciously change what you say to them and how you say it. Remove all sarcasm, criticism and disdain from your voice. Watch just how differently your spouse, or son or daughter, respond to you.

What you are seeing is that you control how people respond to you by every action. The lighter you are in your actions, the lighter will be the personal response to you.

Once this reality begins to live within you, then you can actually begin to work on other parts of yourself and you’re your own true goodness. Perhaps then, the darkness within will have been expelled and you will now only find the light that has always lived within you.

By Tina Erwin

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