The Karmic Plan Part 5: Karmic Lessons

Many people question the concept of reincarnation. However, what else does life everlasting mean if not the opportunity to work out the lessons of karma life after life after life? What are karmic lessons and why do you care? All lessons are about the basic two emotions in the universe, love and fear. All else is a subset of these two feelings.

Each lifetime can offer numerous karmic lessons but for our purpose, let us focus on just one type of example: Power over others.

Power can take the form of a parent’s power over a child, a boss’s power over an employee, a criminal’s power over a victim, the power of life and death. Power over anyone in any situation is something with which we can all identify.

The lesson to be learned is all about the power one person has over another and the right use of power.

Let us say that in this life something terrible happens to you, physical or sexual abuse, or even spiritual abuse. Whoever did these things to you seems like the bad guy. You learn abuse of power from this person and so you abuse someone else because, well, isn’t that how you are supposed to do things??? – the way things were done to you???

Here is the karmic lesson: you really hated what was done to you, yet you now do this, but your life isn’t any better, the more people abuse you, the madder you get, the more you abuse until finally one day, karma collapses and you either end up profoundly depressed, commit a terrible crime or die an angry bitter person.

Karmic law: karma keeps presenting the lesson until you really, truly, get it. Karma will test you to see if the answer lives within you. When the truth, when the answer finally lives within you, then that awful lesson is no longer needed. When the lesson is no longer needed, those terrible things cease happening to you and you heal. This life and the next will be quantitatively better. This is soul evolution. That which is not learned in this life is carried forward into the next life to learn.

What is the lesson? Let us say that you were physically and/or sexually abused. You are hurt and angry. You are faced with a choice. Do you now abuse other people? Do you stay a victim? Or do you decide to face the pain embrace the experience and heal. Your abusers are your most profound teachers. Remove yourself from the emotion and look at the lesson. If you hear yourself saying that you just can’t do that – then get someone to help you, find a teacher to help you embrace the lesson.

Your abusers were themselves abused. If you continue to be either an abuser or victim, then the pattern continues for the next 1,000 years or more. Imagine the tremendous power of changing a pattern for the positive for the next 1,000 years!

Let us say that your abuser dies, whew! Great to be off the hook! But wait there will always be someone to take their place. Karma is so fair and just that it never releases us without giving us the opportunity to fully learn to face our tormentors emotionally, to face that fear, to learn to heal and to love those who have hurt us.

Look at it this way, before your abuser came into this life, someone gave them a script too and part of their job was to learn the lesson of abuse. Since they did not learn that lesson that means that they continued to abuse. The spiritually evolving soul will see the power of the experience, even the negative ones and will use this experience as the path to healing. This is the path to forgiveness — they gave you an opportunity — choose to use it. The beauty of karma is that we are always offered choices. The more we are conscious of our choices, the more we can heal. Karma is always fair and just. Learning the lesson will bring great peace.

By Tina Erwin


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