The Karmic Plan Part 4: Karmic Opportunities

         What is a karmic opportunity? A karmic opportunity can be many things. We are presented with many opportunities in our lives but some of them are far more significant than others. Each decision we make becomes a logic trail and sets us up for the next event.

However, every so often, we are placed in a position where we must make a very significant karmic decision — one that can elevate us from where we are currently standing emotionally to a much higher level. This karmic moment requires several important criteria to be present:

  1. We recognize the moment and acknowledge hearing our higher selves speaking in our ear.
  2. We acknowledge that the karmic moment exists and that we have to do something about it.
  3. We have the courage to think about responding.
  4. We respond by taking advantage of the opportunity.
  5. We continue to take advantage — for the foreseeable future — of this karmic opportunity.
  6. We build on this karmic opportunity in preparation for the next significant one to come, and they come far more frequently once we take advantage of the first one.

Some people see an opportunity in front of them, recognize it, and decide that they just can’t do it.

Some people see it, begin to take advantage of it, get scared that their lives might just change and stop doing anything further.

Some people take advantage of it just long enough to see what can change and then consciously choose not to go any farther forward.

Finally some people just take that opportunity all the way to a significantly wonderful outcome.

What kind of opportunities might these be? Let us study these examples:

  1. A teacher appears, to help us out of the spiritual darkness and we take advantage of the opportunity to grow on every spiritual level. We find that we are changed forever.
  2. We get to become a teacher for someone else. This is a wonderful opportunity to be of tremendous service. Helping another person find their true spiritual selves is helping them to know their own wonderful level of goodness.
  3. We take a job that we didn’t think we could do and it changes us. Our courage carries us through those moments of self-doubt and our confidence grows. We use this karmic opportunity to rise to the occasion of our own growth.
  4. We have an adventure that helps us to learn about who we really are. There are those types of adventures that really test all of the elements of courage within us. Adventures are karmic opportunities to see the depth of our inner strength.
  5. We perform a significant service for someone. This could be something profound such as helping them as they go through the final moments of their dying process. Our kind words help them to release attachment to earthly life. We can also help a grieving relative release attachment to a person who has died. The service can also be as seemingly minor as being a good teacher for a child. The ramifications of honestly teaching someone to follow a positive path are beyond calculation.
  6. We find ourselves in a position to show great courage and we do so. Every moment of great courage is a karmic opportunity to conquer fear and to really know who we are.
  7. We find ourselves in a position to be very jealous of someone else’s good fortune. Maybe they had a baby and we cannot. Maybe they got the promotion we desperately wanted. Perhaps they got to have the house, or spouse, or wedding we had always dreamed of having. This karmic moment offers us the option of sending jealously packing and recognizing that there is always plenty in the universe and that jealousy, that pesky fear with a grasping face, need not be part of who we are. The happier we are for that fortunate person in front of us, the more we can profoundly grow spiritually.

Whatever the moment, every karmic opportunity that is presented empowers us to face our fear, to be different, to make a difference, and to know that we are going to be just fine no matter what happens. Sometimes this opportunity makes us feel significantly better about ourselves because it takes us farther along our spiritual path and ultimately we are happier.

We may also review our life and note those karmic opportunity times that we did well. This type of review will also show us how we could have done things differently if we are not happy with a particular out come. Ultimately, every karmic opportunity is in the end, a life experience. We must always be mindful to stay out of a place of judgment for how things turned out for us, whether they were good or not so good. Perhaps that is the ultimate karmic opportunity: ceasing judgment of all that happens and simply standing as the observer to the progress of life.

By Tina Erwin

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