These are some frequently asked questions that involve the metaphysical world. To submit a question or make a comment head over to our Contact Us page.

My psychic daughter tells me about dark creatures she sees. What is it she is seeing and what do I do about it?

Believe in your child. Fill your house with prayer. Give your child prayers to say, especially The Crossing Over Prayer available on Or you can find The Crossing Over Prayer under Prayer Videos on this website. Or check out The Crossing Over Prayer Book, 88 Prayers to help the Living and the Dead.
     Have her ask for God’s love and protection.You can also tell your child to visualize that her room is filled with angels. Place beautiful photographs of angels around her room as well. Keep her room immaculate. Darkness loves dirty places. Play the music of Mozart since the harmonic of classical music will automatically elevate the energy of any room. Visualize a salty rain coming down around your daughter, your home, her bedroom, anywhere. This visualization automatically changes the energy around her and your home. At all costs, avoid allowing her to see violent video games or any violent images. Always visualize light, glorious divine light around your daughter.

How do I know if my relative/friend has crossed over?

If you ‘feel’ his or her presence, if you feel them in dreams night after night, if odd things happen, then this person probably has not crossed over. You may also ‘smell’ something about them, as odd as that sounds. Also, if you begin to take on the symptoms of the person who died, if you feel their aches and pains, then again, this person may still be with you. If you go to a psychic and the psychic can see/hear/sense this soul, then again, they have definitely not crossed over. Once a soul has ‘crossed over’ then the psychic will not see/hear/sense this soul, you won’t feel that presence or have any out-of-character for you, type of symptoms.You do not need a medium to contact your loved on. You can use The Crossing Over Prayer  to cross over any soul you feel may still be with you or who needs help.

My dog is very sick. How do I know when it is the right time to ‘put him down’?

This is a conversation best had with your vet. Your vet may explain when the animal is no longer able to do any of the actions he or she used to do, sometimes when the animal is incontinent or is in so much pain that he or she can no longer eat, it may simply be time to say good bye to this loyal creature you have loved for so long. Once you have come to this agonizing decision, I would suggest that you follow the steps in my video : Putting your Pet to Sleep and Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Before my son committed suicide, we had a huge fight and we said some hurtful things to each other. How can I ask for his forgiveness? Can I help him heal? I guess I need to know that he is ok.

First and foremost play The Compassion Prayer for Suicide. Even though your son is not physically present, you can still send him your love and compassion on a daily basis. You may not fully understand why he chose to leave this life, but you can accept his decision to leave without continuing to engender guilt on your part or anger toward him. You can always apologize to him for things you may have said in anger, and ask him to forgive you. You can also forgive him for things that he said to you – again in anger. Human beings do become angry with one another at times and it doesn’t mean you don’t still love each other. You can also send him prayer and ask that the Light of God be there to help him find his way home. I would strongly recommend that you say The Crossing Over Prayer to ensure that he finds peace in the Light of God. He may or may not feel worthy of God’s love because of the overwhelming sadness he may have felt when he died. You can help him. When you do this, very probably, you will both feel significantly better. This will go a very long way toward healing your grief.  The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief may help you to understand suicide on a much deeper level (available on this website). Be sure to watch my two videos on suicide: Suicide: How Can I Help My Loved One’s Soul? and Suicide: What you Weren’t Supposed to Know

What is karma and how does it affect me? Do you have to believe in karma to experience it?

Karma is a physics principal. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you do something wonderful for someone else, someone will do something wonderful or you. It may not be the same person, it may take place when you least expect it, but karma has to be returned to you, it is spiritual law. Karma is always operational whether you believe in it or not. We enter each mortal life to work out the karmic issues we were unable to resolve in a previous life. This is a key concept for anyone to understand who has embarked on a spiritual path. For a lighthearted look at this topic, read: The Lightworker’s Guide to Everyday Karma available on this website. Be sure to listen to our podcast TheKarmicpath available on iTunes and the App store.

What can I do to become more spiritual?

Heal the emotional traumas in your life. Decide to find ways to be of service to others. Create a daily practice of sending love and healing to the world. Seek to be more compassionate and giving. Begin your spiritual path. The following videos may also be exceptionally helpful as you begin your spiritual path:

What Is Frequency, Part 1, What is Frequency, Part 2, What Is Frequency, Part 3 and What is Chi and Types of Chi

What is Spirit? Are guides, angels, and ghosts the same thing?

Spirit is a catch-all term that people use to describe a huge variety of metaphysical beings. People lump angels, devils, ghosts and the air itself into the category of  ‘spirit’. However, forgo the use of this word completely, and use the correct terms that describe exactly what you mean. A ghost is a soul who has not crossed over into the heaven world. An angel is a divine being who can help mortal people in various situations. However, it is important to seek to discern if this really is a ghost or not. A ‘spirit guide’, may or may not be a ghost and this ‘guide’ may or may not be a beneficial being for you or your child. Discernment is critical here. Many times, the beings on the other side are not at all what or who you think they are. You can easily discern by simply visualizing that a ‘salty rain’ is falling on any being you think is an angel or a spirit guide. The real thing will be fine; negative beings will have to leave.

What is an aura and does everyone have one?

Every living thing has an aura. An aura is the energetic field that surrounds us all. It also surrounds plants, and animals. Many people can see this field and the colors that are part of this field. Different colors mean different things and these colors change constantly. Your aura can go from a happy, glorious golden color to a firey red, in an instant if someone makes you angry or you get upset. In a sense, your aura is the energetic element of your immune system. The stronger this system, the healthier you will be over time.

How do I know if my son is ‘seeing things’ or is making things up? He says that there is a spirit named John and John likes to scare him.

Does you child routinely lie to you? If your child has always been truthful with you, then he’s probably seeing and or hearing a ghost. Also just because you can’t see, sense or hear something, doesn’t make it untrue. Your child simply cannot help what is happening. Help your child to remove this pesky soul by saying The Crossing Over Prayer. You can also ask for angels to protect our child and to take this soul to the Heaven World. It is important for your child to be able to tell you the truth about what he is feeling, seeing or sensing. It is also empowering for you as the parent to be able to help him with what is for your son, a difficult situation. Perhaps my video: Psychic Children:  My Child Sees Ghosts may be helpful to you. You may also find Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View, Trilogy, (available on this website) extremely helpful in understanding the dead and their feelings.

My daughter returned from serving in Afghanistan and has not been the same since. Her PTSD treatments are not helping. What can I do for her?

Your daughter likely has a tremendous amount of adrenalin still in her body that may still be stressing her on a daily basis. Your daughter may have witnessed a series of traumatic events. No matter how much training a person has, nothing truly prepares anyone for the ravages of war, the trauma of watching people die or working in untenable conditions. Removing the adrenaline from her body and healing her blown adrenal glands will be a huge step. Flooding her body with anti-depressents only treats a sad symptom. Once these two issues are addressed, then you can work on the emotional trauma caused by seeing terrible events. These two videos specifically address these issues: PTSD and the Military and Healing PTSD. I also have two more videos out on healing something called Pyroluria: Pyroluria, Part 1 and Pyroluria, Part 2 detail the needs of the adrenal glands and the challenge of an overabundance of adrenaline.

I don’t understand what metaphysics means. Can you explain it?

Metaphysics simply means a much higher level of physics: meta meaning beyond physics. Before there were microscopes people could not see germs. There are elements of things that seem strange to us that in the future will seem completely normal. Psychic ability and metaphysics mean that there are certain people who can see into other dimensions, who can sense the souls and other beings who inhabit those realms.