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"It's not a gift."

I do not believe in psychic gifts. Psychic abilities are hard work that command a lot of responsibility. I love gifts, opening those bright shiny packages that you get on your birthday or Christmas. But let me tell you, I don’t ever remember opening a package that says ‘Remote Viewing’ – maybe if I had, they would have included an instruction manual. If there had been a package that said ‘Guide for Talking to the Dead’ I half wonder if I would have figured out whether of not I wanted to keep that ‘gift’.


 About Tina

Tina is a retired US Navy Commander and psychic. She has studied metaphysics all of her life, gaining insight into the interpersonal relationships at the heart of everyday living. She is the author of several books on metaphysics. Her writing comes from an intense desire to know and understand the unseen world of action and reaction combined with a sincere desire to share this understanding with other knowledge seekers.

Her lifelong studies into the deeper meaning of events and actions were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Commander Erwin found the Navy to be a tremendous schoolhouse in which to study all the facets of behavior and karma, from the worst to the finest levels of humanity. She also has a Master’s Degree in Business and Management.

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