Why Are we Hearing Voices in Our Heads?

By Tina Erwin

Spiritual Voices

       Why are we hearing voices in our heads and why are some of them beneficial and some of them detrimental? Could it be something extremely fundamental that decides whether we hear the voice of angels or the voice of demons?

Could it simply be an aspect of what our frequency is at any given time? The frequency of any soul is determined by whether a person is depressed or delighted, energetic or depleted. And frequency determines whether someone saves lives or takes lives. The higher your vibration, the better you feel and the more likely you are to hear the voices of the higher realms.

The closer you are to darkness in general, the more likely you are to hear the voices of darkness. Melodramatic perhaps, but it is the truth. Sometimes extreme trauma and/or grief can put you in a place where you cannot seem to climb out of the darkness. Sometimes it is this darkness, these voices of darkness that beckon to people to take their own lives or the lives of others. Most of them fight it with all their might but it depends on the level of their own frequency and how well they can fight off the vicious voices of the 4th dimension.

Instead of drugging people to stop those voices, how much more productive and beneficial it would be to begin to change the person’s frequency so that he or she can begin to heal themselves. Grief of any kind and especially the sudden death of a loved one, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma, war, loss of job, continued life failures, divorce, extreme overwork, and exhaustion can plunge a person’s frequency to rock bottom level. This is true even for a person who has never had those feelings. Even sleep deprivation can change what you think you are hearing.

There was a very interesting experiment done in 1959 with a radio disk jockey who did a New York radio station stunt where he went without sleep for 200 hours to raise money for the March of Dimes. He was advised not to do this. Doctors said that insanity could set in but he was trying to up the ratings for his radio show. He raised his ratings but he lost his mind in the process. By the time the end of the week rolled around, he found that he could no longer discern what was reality and what was not. He saw all kinds of demons and horrifying things around him. He lost his mind and a deep psychosis set in to his entire body. And he never fully recovered.*

We need sleep, especially REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep because it helps to restore the entire body. Souls leave the physical body during sleep and make their way to the higher realms for advice, counsel and healing. They re-enter their physical body as the REM cycle ends. This is why you can never live without sleep. That connection to the higher realms is what keeps us sane. Limited contact with the higher realms leaves us depleted and unable to differentiate between true realities and the dark realms of the lower astral. The more consistently we receive 7-9 hours of deep, nourishing sleep, the more likely we are to keep our frequencies strong.

Precluding Insanity

Is this the only criteria to preclude insanity? Is all insanity a frequency issue? Consider that Adolf Hitler did not smoke and drink. He was a vegetarian as well as being one of the largest mass murderers in history. What dark voices did he hear? Was his insanity sleep deprivation or pure deep and powerful control by a dark force? Is this true for all mass murders? Do they sleep just fine and still kill people?

What if there is a middle area? What if the horrible voices that people are hearing telling them to do horrible things are coming from the lower astral realms, or the hells? Because they are hearing horror, they are considered insane.

What if their counterparts, our creative geniuses, are hearing voices from the Heaven World? It is these voices that help to move the world forward in every discipline. Remember, we never consider these people insane.

What about people who meditate? Meditation seems to bring a sense of inner calm, a peacefulness that enables a person to hear that still small voice that is either an angel or our higher selves.

This means that whether we want to believe this astonishing concept or not, we are all having daily interactions with the 4th and 5th dimensions, the places of light and dark. The higher we raise our frequencies, the more we will be able to hear the voices of the higher dimensions. The darker the places are that we frequent in our despair, the lower our frequencies will be. It is these vibrations that will help to determine the voices we all hear in our heads.

As I am completing this writing, I realize that I woke up this morning with someone’s voice telling me to write this. Could it be that we also set ourselves up to be open to the places of higher thought? Could this help us find more amazing ways to live, work, think, and feel? What do you think?       Let me know at Tina@Tinaerwin.com

* http://io9.com/the-sleep-deprivation-publicity-stunt-that-drove-one-ma-1550084876