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     Crystal Pointe Media provides affordable a la carte services for online publishing and consulting services to Independent Authors anywhere in the world. We help Independent Authors make publishing a reality.
So, our philosophy is quite simple:
we help you to keep your rights, to keep your royalties and above all, we keep it affordable!

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Botanical Alchemy


     At Botanical Alchemy we believe that flower essences, properly used, are some of the safest, most effective, and least intrusive remedies in the natural pharmacopoeia. Unlike the more common single flower remedies, all Botanical Alchemy formulas are synergistic blends of several flowers. These blends have been carefully designed and tested over many years. Combining essences in this way produces an effect that greatly enhances the potency of each remedy, promotes deeper action, and more predictable effects. Synergistic Blending allow flowers to become a breakthrough tool for individuals and practitioners in the most challenging circumstances.

Energy Medicines

Flower Essences belong to the growing field of “energy medicine” represented by the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Oriental health systems. Like other potentized remedies they carry and impart the vibrational patterns of the life forces they were made from, not the physical or chemical constituents of physical remedies like herbs.

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Learn Homeopathy Now

Our Unique Team

Shelley McQuerter, Director

Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now, has inspired countless healing professionals with her passion for Homeopathy. In her brilliant Homeopathy Certification Training, Shelley has captured her extensive knowledge into a series of five, user-oriented, and content rich seminars that assure success for the novice, as well as the clinician.

Shelly offers a full range of homeopathic remedies, and kits. She also provides seminars in Homeopathy Certification Training as well as other types of seminars.

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