The Crossing Over Prayer©

The following prayer is an excerpt from the book series, Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View, and is designed to help you help any ghost to cross over into the Heaven World.  If you see or sense that you are being haunted, you can say this prayer with conviction to send them to where they need to go.

The Prayer:  Sending Ghosts to the Heaven World

  Dearest Lord Above,
I humbly request that you take
any and all souls, who have found
my divine light of service, into
the Heaven World, right now.
I ask that an angel wrap each
soul in a blanket of healing light,
right now.
I pray that every single soul
will use the Light Bridge provided
by my Angelic Team, to transition into the
Heaven World, right now.
I send love and healing to all souls
no matter how they died, no matter
their level of guilt, without any judgment
or prejudice whatsoever, right now.
May the light of your love, Father,
embrace and keep all of these souls
now and forever.

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