Listen to the Message of The Angel Oak Tree on John’s Island by Tina Erwin

The Angel Oak Tree Sends a Message

Did you ever have one of those magic moments in your life that you want to hold on to forever and then something happens that just makes it even more magical? The last week of May 2015, my daughter and I, met six other family members in Charleston, SC. We rented a house on Edisto Island, an hour south of Charleston. It was wonderful to have all of us together to enjoy the soft sea breezes which gently relaxed us as we began to tour this Spanish moss draped, tree covered area of the South. One of the most precious areas we visited was The Angel Oak Tree on John’s Island, SC.


Although this plaque says that the Angel Oak is 300-400 years old, the prevailing belief is that is is over 1500 years old.

  No one knows when the tree was planted: estimates of its age range from 300-400 years old to as old as 1500 years.  The magnitude of the tree takes your breath away. I wanted to touch it, to feel it’s bark and I was surprised by how much this tree bark looked like what I would imagine the skin of an elephant might feel like. Trees like this feel wise; they feel intelligent. As I laid my hands on this ancient tree, information came pouring out to me. This is the exact transcript of what I heard this tree say, as tape recorded by my sister who had a feeling when she knew we were coming here that we might learn something from this mighty Angel Oak.


The Angel Oak is host to the Resurrection Fern, the green growth on the branches. The fern appears to die off in dry times and returns to life in the rainy season.

“I am like the elephant. I am the memory keeper from before you measured time here. Tracing the path of the sun through, what you call centuries; the only time there was peace was before there was man. Before there was man, there was only peace and nature was completely balanced.

         “I am a home for the Devic kingdom because I am in balance. But I could not be in balance without protection. Before you measured time, all of nature was in balance and I did not need protection.

The Angel Oak is so massive that people look tiny next to it!

        “But nature is out of balance now and I can only survive with protection. I have witnessed unspeakable actions of cruelty, brutality and murder, but not next to me. Trees see beyond their circumference because trees communicate. Trees are able to see far and wide because they communicate in a network grid of other trees. So the triumph and the violence, the calamities and the natural disasters, are communicated one tree to another in a line that only ends at the mountainous tree line and at the water’s edge.

         “When massive blocks of trees are cut down, it represents a hole in our healing grid. Trees heal one another. Matriarch trees are like elephants. They maintain the healing knowledge of all trees and of all nature. The preservation of anchor trees, of Matriarch trees is what keeps nature in balance. New trees that are planted restore the grid, but they can do it faster if a Matriarch tree is present. The grid operates above the earth in what you can see and below the earth in what you can’t.

         “Trees never depleted the earth. Trees restore the earth and manage water. When too many trees are cut down water supplies begin to dwindle, for trees breathe, and in the breath comes the knowledge of how to maintain the water balance on the earth. Without trees, the water balance is destroyed. Without water balance, planets die. Not all planets have trees. Planets that support trees support all life, no matter what kind of tree there is. All trees are connected, regardless of species. Every species of tree communicates with every other species of tree. Trees are placed in areas to give the earth in that area what it needs. Without trees, human beings don’t realize that they cannot live. Human beings need to maintain Matriarch trees need to be maintaind, for without them, the entire planet will perish.

         “Areas without a Matriarch tree present will perish faster than all other places even when young trees exist. For Matriarch trees (like elephants) provide corporate memory, the eternal memory of what it means to survive. When a Matriarch tree is destroyed, the knowledge of how each tree can heal itself is destroyed with her. Infestations of destructive beetles, psyllids, and everything else result when the matriarch tree is destroyed and the knowledge of how to heal is destroyed with her.

The massive arms of the Angel Oak extend up to 82 feet.

” All trees communicate with each other constantly. The wind carries this information. The Amazon rain forest communicates with the Redwood and the Oak. This is how the Amazon communicates with the Redwoods and oaks, palm trees, Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood and Eucalyptus trees, trees located all over the planet. Redwoods and Sequoias are  Matriarch trees. Trees communicate with rivers; trees communicate with birds and insects. All insects have a purpose. The beetles that destroy trees are a spiritual darkness that befalls an area. But restorative insects can be returned and trees can be restored if Matriarch trees are planted. Seeds of Matriarch trees can grow new Matriarch trees. Matriarch trees exist because the Earth is a mother for all living things. All living things are life forms. All things are life forms. Some life forms are detrimental and some are beneficial.

         “Human beings aren’t vermin and can be saviors. We need to educate everyone on this information. No one knows this knowledge and it needs to be passed on. You must pass this on. It is the most important mission that people understand the need for trees. Millions of trees need to be planted and the earth and rain and water can be restored in all areas. And that is all for today.”

     This astonishing information left me stunned and bewildered. My sister and my niece were listening as I was speaking out loud, sharing the information from this remarkable tree. Nature has so much to share, if we would only listen. The ability to touch a tree, plant or even an animal and hear what that living being has to say is an element of having psychic ability.  I had such a strong feeling when I approached this tree that it had information to share, which was why I put both hands on it. When I touch a tree, after a few minutes, the tree is all I can hear. I cannot hear anyone talking to me or anything else going on around me. I am able to completely see and hear what the tree wants me to know. Perhaps on a psychic level, I am connecting to the vibration of the tree. I would like to encourage everyone to ‘tune in’ to nature around them. Who knows, maybe you can hear the trees talk to you too!

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Photographs courtesy of Andrea Harris. All rights reserved.