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What is your Karmic Path?

     What happens when you drop a pebble in still waters?

     There is a corresponding ripple effect that glides out in all directions.

     The ‘dropping’ of that pebble is the action.  The ‘ripple’ effect of that pebble is the reaction.

     This is karma.  How do your karmic actions ripple out around you?

     Join hosts Laura Van Tyne and Tina Erwin as they explore the karma we are all creating by our      

     everyday actions. Have a question? We’d love to hear from you.

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Listen in as we explore the karma in everything, from Imposing on your Angels, to understanding if there is such a thing as parking or car karma. Ever wondered what type of karma your in-laws are creating? This and so many more will be discussed over the coming months. This down-to-earth-discussion of how karma works in our everyday lives will open new doors of insight and understanding.