Fed Up with Pink

(Except in pink gorgeous flowers!)

I’m FED UP with PINK!!!!

I find that it’s about resonance. Everything has a frequency. Resonance is the concept that you resonate, or are in harmony with something, someone, some place or with some concept that is the same frequency as yours, or is close to that frequency.

However, what if you are not aware that somehow you are becoming in resonance with a concept that could be exceptionally harmful to you? Could this happen? Is it possible?

It is happening: women are being made to believe on an exceptionally subtle level that they will inevitably get breast cancer. At some point, there is a subtle pressure to believe that no matter what you do, this terrible thing is going to happen to you. Some women are so afraid of this that they are going ahead and having whole body parts removed in advance. They are allowing themselves to be mutilated to preclude breast cancer. American women are becoming completely in resonance with breast cancer.

How is this resonance being perpetrated? Pink! Wear Pink for the Cure! There is Breast Cancer Awareness Week, Month, Year, Day, Sale, Offer, and on and on. At first it started out with pink bracelets, and then pink ribbons. Now everywhere you look, you see this toxic manipulation of your psyche through the most astounding things such as selling Pink Kitchen Aid Mixers, Pink iPods, Fight For the Cure Socks, and jewelry – which you wear in the vicinity of your breasts – of course.

There are also marathons. “Race for the Cure!!!” they say. Imagine hundreds of women running a marathon, all in resonance with each other and all thinking about breast cancer. All mistakenly thinking their running is going to somehow stop what they now believe in the recesses of their minds is inevitable: breast cancer.

And the absolute worst pink product: breast cancer awareness underwear in pink bras and panties. Think about it. You are being asked to wear the representation of breast cancer directly on your very breasts.

That is a lot of fear.

The drug companies are literally creating the very market they are telling people they want to eliminate – breast cancer patients. But breast cancer is a very, very big business. Breast cancer advertising is even bigger business on very subtle levels.

There are now millions of extremely sincere, conscientious women, in resonance with each other, wearing an insipid shade of pink thinking that they are standing side by side other women of like mind who want to find a cure for a disease they do not even have but believe that they will get. There is no logic here, only exceptionally brilliant advertising. You surely don’t see men wearing shiny brown ribbons to fight prostate or testicular cancer. You absolutely don’t see men having their prostates removed or testicles loped off – just in case. No man in his right mind would do such an illogical thing.

So, what can you do to change your resonance? Do the following positive, exceptionally inexpensive actions:

  • Boycott all pink breast cancer products! Be politically incorrect!
  • Do not allow advertising to create fear in you.
  • Stop saying you are a survivor. Survivors just barely hang on. Decide to be a thriving personality, healthy and happy.
  • Love your body! Be grateful to your body for its long-standing service to you.
  • Anoint your beautiful body with essential oils.
  • Wear colors that make you happy. Not everyone looks good in pink.
  • Make peace with your body and give it the love and respect that it truly deserves. Be grateful for the body you have, no matter what its shape.
  • Live and be happy. Say good-bye to the breast cancer cause.
  • Shift your resonance to being healthy. Create an affirmation that says “Day by day in every way, I am getting better and better and better.”
  • Consciously choose that with which you will be in resonance.

This also applies to women who have already had breast cancer. By keeping them in resonance with breast cancer, they stay labeled “breast cancer survivors” forever. When do they heal? When is it over? When do the support groups end?

People who wear these bracelets and pins think they are being supportive, but potentially, they could be harming themselves.  Think about it. Is there anyone who isn’t aware of breast cancer????

The time has come to shift your resonance to being with people who are happy, healthy and who are enjoying the life and the body they have. Now is the time to become in resonance with a whole new wonderful reality and enjoy a healthy life for the rest of your life.

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Photography by Tina Erwin. All rights reserved.