The Dr. Pat Show and Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View



Recently, I was honored to be a guest on The Dr. Pat Show. It was a very powerful and insightful show. Below are just a few topics we discussed.

  • Have you ever wondered what are the elements that may cause souls to become ghosts and NOT cross over into Heaven?
  • If you knew the secrets to ensuring you and your loved ones would cross over into Heaven, would you be willing to help them and yourself?
  • If the dead can haunt the living, can the living haunt the dead?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on The Dr. Pat Show . The Dr. Pat show is the #1 Positive Talk Show in Seattle, 9 years in a row! Just listening to Dr. Pat is energizing!

These spiritual topics and more are covered in the trilogy, Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View. To purchase, go to Books.