The Healing Prayer for a Murdered Loved One

     The prayer for a murdered loved one is a difficult one to read if you are facing the death of a murdered loved one. Families facing this type of grief often feel betrayed by God, by the concept that God would allow such a terrible thing to happen to someone they love so dearly. Anger at God is not unusual in these times. Families feel that they are also victims of such a tragic situation. Sometimes, individuals find that they disconnect from anything spiritual including the concept of prayer or of healing in this way.

     And yet, there can be no healing without God, without reestablishing that divine connection. Sometimes in the darkness of grief and tragedy, this connection helps each of us to hold on and move through each challenging day of dealing with police, detectives, courts and the often, endless unanswered questions.

     Assisting the soul to cross over is critical to the soul’s ultimate healing. However, letting go of someone who died this way is profoundly difficult. It is normal to want to hold on to the soul. However, releasing the soul to the divine will ultimately help all parties to heal. Souls who are released to the Heaven World, find that the Divine can restore them.

     If this entire prayer is simply too difficult to read all at once, then simply read the section that works at the time for you. Each stanza is designed to stand alone.

The Healing Prayer for a Murdered Loved One

 Dear God,

My precious [name of person]

has been violently taken from me!

I am so angry! I am so hurt that this could happen

to someone I love so much!

I am heartbroken that I did not get to say goodbye.

Please, please tell him (her) how much I love him (her)

now and forever.

He (she) didn’t deserve for this to happen.

Please tell him (her) how much I will miss him (or her),

and that I will pray for him (her) every night.

I pray that now and always,

you will embrace him (her) with the

restoring Light of your Divine Love.

I ask that my beloved one receive profound

healing on every level, for the pain

he (she) may have suffered as death came.

We are all suffering and do not know how to heal.

Please help us to cope with this unending pain,

and the anger in our hearts.

Please help us to find the strength to heal our hearts,

and our lives a bit more as each day goes by.

Letting go is so hard. How can I do that?

And yet, I want him (her) to heal on every level.

I am asking that your kind and gentle Angels of Transition

guide him (or her) to the Heaven World,

right now.

Above all, please help us to face the difficult days ahead without him (her).

Please give us the Light of your Divine Grace, to help us to

understand and cope with this heartbreaking moment.

Thank You.