The Compassion Prayer for Suicide

     The Compassion Prayer for Suicide offers assistance in healing and understanding. Suicide is so painful for family members left behind. There are endless unanswered questions. Often there is a subtle level of guilt that some friends and family members feel because they are convinced that there is something they could have said or done that would have prevented this event from happening.

     However, sometimes, we cannot know the pain and sorrow, anger and internal turmoil that a person was feeling as they leftthis world. Sometimes, we are not meant to know these things. Sometimes, all we are left with are the questions for which there is no resolution.

     Sometimes, all that we can do is pray to God and ask for assistance in healing the soul who so suddenly left and for healing our own bewildered hearts.

     Eventually, it is critical to understand that it is important to provide assistance to the soul so that he or she can find the Light of Transition, and the hope of healing.

     This prayer can be read completely, or you can read only the sections that are healing for you in this particular moment.

The Compassion Prayer for Suicide

 Heavenly Father,

my precious one has ended his (her) life.

Therefore, I most humbly ask

that your gentle Angels of Transition

guide my beloved one to the Heaven World

right now.

I request that forgiveness be given, Father,

for whatever events or circumstances

led to his (her) decision to leave mortal life.

I ask, Father, that you embrace

my dearest one with the

depth of your compassion.

I humbly request, Father, that you provide healing to

fill the dark, angry or profoundly sad places of his (her)

very soul, with the powerful restoration of the

Light of your Divine Love.

My heart is aching, Father, with deep despair.

I pray that you will help me to understand

His (her) death with your light of compassion and

without judgment.

I humbly pray, Father, for love and healing

for my entire grieving family.

Please help us to understand and accept this heartbreaking

moment and the days ahead, with your Divine Grace.

Thank you, Father, for loving [person’s name].

Thank you, Father, for loving me.

Thank you, Father.