A Prayer for My Beloved Animal

     We all love our pets and yet when their light leaves our lives, we are often embarrassed to admit how heartbroken we are. Sometimes, we are made to believe that we should somehow just quickly ‘get over’ the loss of this creature that graced our lives for such a long time.

     Grieve your pet. Pray for your pet. Honor the love you shared.

A Prayer for My Beloved Animal

 Heavenly Father,

I most humbly ask that you

guide my sweet [name of animal] to the

Heaven World

right now.

 I ask, Father, that you provide love and healing

to my loyal companion, my most beloved creature,

my precious [animal’s name].

I ask, Father, that this valiant animal be

embraced with the healing

Light of Divine Love.

I send gratitude to you, Father,

for the time I had with this

wonderful gift you sent me, this sweet

and loyal creature.

I pray that my beloved animal

will know how much I love her (him)

now and forever.

I miss my friend, Father.

Please help me to heal my own aching heart.

Thank you, Father.