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Reincarnating from Hell

Are Some People Just Born Mean?

         Do you ever wonder if some people come directly from hell? There are those life streams that seem to be born vicious and even murderous. We have all met souls who may not be murderers but who may be mean, angry, vicious, and rage-filled despite a positive upbringing. Is it nature or nurture, the psychologists ask? Perhaps it is neither. What if a soul reincarnates from the darkest places in the Shadow lands, the 4th dimension or more commonly referred to as the ‘hells?’

The shadow lands are called this because all the soul sees is the darkness relieved by brief areas of grey.

The shadow lands are called this because all the soul sees is the darkness relieved by brief areas of grey.

         Current day murderers do reincarnate from the hells. These souls are born with a particular darkness in their souls that no amount of sweet natured nurturing can erase. When the person is reborn, he or she will be birthed into a family of similar or even a slightly higher frequency. Some families try to help these souls to take a different path while some families fuel the person’s deadly tendencies. Many a family member has stood in stunned disbelief at the murderous actions of a son or daughter, sibling or parent. No one else in that family may be a murderer so they are left in sorrowful bewilderment at the actions of someone they have loved.

The Hells are a terrifying place.

The Hells are a terrifying place.

         The reality is that life after life of shredded ethics, absent moral and spiritual values and a selfish desire to take advantage of others creates the formation of the criminal mind. Sometimes family members can stop them, mostly they cannot.

         In other words, if the soul is so consumed with him/herself and makes no progress towards service in each life span, then he or she must reincarnate with that vibration until their vibration can be raised. Families of serial killers often noted that their child began abusing insects and animals at a very early age. Their singular lack of conscience defined them from childhood. We see this today when children as young as seven and eight years of age, can murder with no conscience whatsoever.

         This lack of moral compass defines the soul at a core level, which is why these types of souls do not reincarnate from the Heaven World, but from the Lower Astral. The theory basis is that vicious souls who do not cross over into the Heaven World become residents of the Lower Astral and then reincarnate from there. If this is true, it would explain why so many of these souls start out as character disorders (have you noticed the unnerving number of narcissists out there?) at the mild end to vicious narcissistic, paranoid schizophrenics at the most dangerous end. These souls never had the benefit of the healing, guidance and wisdom of the Heaven World. All they received was a poisonous dose of darkness from the dens of hell. All souls benefit from time in the Heaven World.

         The love and energy that family members give to their loved ones is not wasted energy. It is a critical step in the karmic path of the soul. It offers this darkened soul the opportunity to see a better way. Free will is the golden ticket to soul evolution if the soul chooses a higher road, then life will improve. This is also an aspect of karma. If in one life you treated others badly, then you must keep coming back until you learn to offer loving kindness to all beings. The reverse of this is also true, the more service you do, the more service you do in each lifetime for the betterment of all beings.

         Crossing over every single soul at death affords even the most hardened killer the opportunity for soul healing in the Heaven World. Souls do not have to remain in the hells. Crossing over a murderer, or any type of criminal at that person’s death offers them a tremendous step up in the path to soul evolution. Crossing over a murderous soul is tremendous service to the living, the dead and all the souls who will encounter this former criminal in a future life. Perhaps in the next incarnation, this soul will not kill or harm anyone. Perhaps he or she will take more positive steps on their path because they received that precious divine guidance from the Heaven World.

The welcoming light of the Heaven World pierces the darkness of the 4th dimension.

The welcoming light of the Heaven World pierces the darkness of the 4th dimension.


Photography by Tina Erwin 2016. All rights reserved.


“What? Me Change???

The reason that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity is because a logical person will see the problem, and the solution. Most of us have experienced a toxic relationship. How do we change that? Can we?

How really tired are you of being miserable?

How absolutely fed up are you with a specific situation?

How truly frustrated are you with your body?

How profoundly angry are you at a person, a job, a neighbor, a child, sibling, or friend?

Do you keep performing the same failing actions and behaviors over and over?

Or you are eternally trying to please someone who can never be pleased?

The only way you will ever see any type of different result is if you change at least one thing you are doing.

Are you constantly tired? Maybe your energy is blocked: see an acupuncturist. Some things are that simple. Others are much more challenging because they involve another person or even an organization.

Are you bone-tired of dealing with a toxic parent, spouse, or friend? Is this person causing you health problems? If this person really loved you, he or she would never treat you like this.

Remove yourself from that person’s life. It’s simpler than you may think. But wait, I know what your thinking: If I separate from this person I’d feel guilty. Guilt is your problem, not the toxic person’s. This toxic person isn’t feeling the slightest bit of guilt for making you miserable. If someone is holding up your spiritual/emotional progress and growth, then why in Heaven’s name is this person still in your life? Un-friend them. Stop texting them, accepting their calls, and being with them. You have to change. The other person or situation will never change.

Change may be scary, but the alternative is complacent acceptance of unending harm, damage to your body, mind and spirit.

Whether it is a person or a situation, change something. Change what you are doing or saying. Change your thoughts or dialogue with this person. You can never change anyone or anything else. You can only change yourself. If you can do this, you can make huge emotional and spiritual progress.


The Karma of Making Money?

By Tina Erwin

When is it acceptable to make money and not feel guilty about it? How are karma and money related?

Why do people who are selling a product that they make themselves feel self-conscious about receiving money for it? This person may be very proud of their product, but feel awkward about receiving money for it. Let’s take authors for example. The conversations frequently go something like this:

       “I have this deeply spiritual book and I’m so anxious to get it out. I’m not really interested in the royalties. I just want to get it published.”

        “I want my book to really help people, I want to share how God has helped me, whether or not I make money.”

        “I’m not interested in marketing my work or getting the word out about it because, you know, I only wanted to see it published.”

        Frankly, I’m baffled, simply dumbfounded by this attitude.

        Writing, completing and publishing a book represent a serious commitment and a tremendous accomplishment. Once you’ve done that, then the fun begins!

        Why in the world wouldn’t you be interested in the royalties from your work? Especially since you get to keep them all, up to 70% from global sales in today’s self-publishing market?

        Let me back up a bit. I have this really cool company, called Crystal Pointe Media, Inc. We’re a hybrid ebook/print-on-demand publisher (to quote my business partner Laura Van Tyne), which means that we help authors self-publish by meticulously guiding them though the, often, confusing and detail oriented process of actually getting their published work out to the world.

        After I began self-publishing my own books so many people asked me how I did it, that I started a company.

        Let me tell you, I love receiving the royalties that come from my book sales! When those royalties arrive both by check from some venues and by automatic deposit from Amazon every single month, it means that people liked my book, that they shared it with others, and recommended it. There is no finer feeling that writing a book that is designed to help people, and seeing those royalties come in because it means that you completed your mission: you are helping people.

        It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a spiritual, business, or children’s book, whether you penned an adventure novel or cookbook. What matters is that your book is helping the reader.

        Royalties are the evidence that your goal, your desire to help people is being realized. It is a measure of your success. If, and when your book becomes a best seller, what then? Will you be guilty if you are making half a million dollars a year? Will you feel worthy of it? What if you become a millionaire over night? Are you ready for that kind of wealth? If you aren’t sure about your answer to this question, then please, ask yourself, why not?

        If you write a business book best seller and all of a sudden, you are in high demand for speaking engagements and you are being offered $10,000 or more to share your method, will you be ready for this success?

        Frankly, your publisher (Crystal Pointe Media, Inc.) will be thrilled for you, even though we don’t make royalties on your work, we get to be the cheerleaders of your success. We want all of our authors to be best sellers!!

        Receiving money for your efforts balances the energy you put into writing and publishing your book. It costs money to self-publish. It is important to do all you can to market your book to balance the cost of publishing. Now, when the money comes in, feel that it was justly earned.

        Enjoy it, fellow authors you earned it!

Tina Erwin, CDR, USN [Ret] is one of the founders of Crystal Pointe Media, Inc. She is also the author of four books.