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Reincarnating from Hell

Are Some People Just Born Mean?

         Do you ever wonder if some people come directly from hell? There are those life streams that seem to be born vicious and even murderous. We have all met souls who may not be murderers but who may be mean, angry, vicious, and rage-filled despite a positive upbringing. Is it nature or nurture, the psychologists ask? Perhaps it is neither. What if a soul reincarnates from the darkest places in the Shadow lands, the 4th dimension or more commonly referred to as the ‘hells?’

The shadow lands are called this because all the soul sees is the darkness relieved by brief areas of grey.

The shadow lands are called this because all the soul sees is the darkness relieved by brief areas of grey.

         Current day murderers do reincarnate from the hells. These souls are born with a particular darkness in their souls that no amount of sweet natured nurturing can erase. When the person is reborn, he or she will be birthed into a family of similar or even a slightly higher frequency. Some families try to help these souls to take a different path while some families fuel the person’s deadly tendencies. Many a family member has stood in stunned disbelief at the murderous actions of a son or daughter, sibling or parent. No one else in that family may be a murderer so they are left in sorrowful bewilderment at the actions of someone they have loved.

The Hells are a terrifying place.

The Hells are a terrifying place.

         The reality is that life after life of shredded ethics, absent moral and spiritual values and a selfish desire to take advantage of others creates the formation of the criminal mind. Sometimes family members can stop them, mostly they cannot.

         In other words, if the soul is so consumed with him/herself and makes no progress towards service in each life span, then he or she must reincarnate with that vibration until their vibration can be raised. Families of serial killers often noted that their child began abusing insects and animals at a very early age. Their singular lack of conscience defined them from childhood. We see this today when children as young as seven and eight years of age, can murder with no conscience whatsoever.

         This lack of moral compass defines the soul at a core level, which is why these types of souls do not reincarnate from the Heaven World, but from the Lower Astral. The theory basis is that vicious souls who do not cross over into the Heaven World become residents of the Lower Astral and then reincarnate from there. If this is true, it would explain why so many of these souls start out as character disorders (have you noticed the unnerving number of narcissists out there?) at the mild end to vicious narcissistic, paranoid schizophrenics at the most dangerous end. These souls never had the benefit of the healing, guidance and wisdom of the Heaven World. All they received was a poisonous dose of darkness from the dens of hell. All souls benefit from time in the Heaven World.

         The love and energy that family members give to their loved ones is not wasted energy. It is a critical step in the karmic path of the soul. It offers this darkened soul the opportunity to see a better way. Free will is the golden ticket to soul evolution if the soul chooses a higher road, then life will improve. This is also an aspect of karma. If in one life you treated others badly, then you must keep coming back until you learn to offer loving kindness to all beings. The reverse of this is also true, the more service you do, the more service you do in each lifetime for the betterment of all beings.

         Crossing over every single soul at death affords even the most hardened killer the opportunity for soul healing in the Heaven World. Souls do not have to remain in the hells. Crossing over a murderer, or any type of criminal at that person’s death offers them a tremendous step up in the path to soul evolution. Crossing over a murderous soul is tremendous service to the living, the dead and all the souls who will encounter this former criminal in a future life. Perhaps in the next incarnation, this soul will not kill or harm anyone. Perhaps he or she will take more positive steps on their path because they received that precious divine guidance from the Heaven World.

The welcoming light of the Heaven World pierces the darkness of the 4th dimension.

The welcoming light of the Heaven World pierces the darkness of the 4th dimension.


Photography by Tina Erwin 2016. All rights reserved.


Fed Up with Pink

(Except in pink gorgeous flowers!)

I’m FED UP with PINK!!!!

I find that it’s about resonance. Everything has a frequency. Resonance is the concept that you resonate, or are in harmony with something, someone, some place or with some concept that is the same frequency as yours, or is close to that frequency.

However, what if you are not aware that somehow you are becoming in resonance with a concept that could be exceptionally harmful to you? Could this happen? Is it possible?

It is happening: women are being made to believe on an exceptionally subtle level that they will inevitably get breast cancer. At some point, there is a subtle pressure to believe that no matter what you do, this terrible thing is going to happen to you. Some women are so afraid of this that they are going ahead and having whole body parts removed in advance. They are allowing themselves to be mutilated to preclude breast cancer. American women are becoming completely in resonance with breast cancer.

How is this resonance being perpetrated? Pink! Wear Pink for the Cure! There is Breast Cancer Awareness Week, Month, Year, Day, Sale, Offer, and on and on. At first it started out with pink bracelets, and then pink ribbons. Now everywhere you look, you see this toxic manipulation of your psyche through the most astounding things such as selling Pink Kitchen Aid Mixers, Pink iPods, Fight For the Cure Socks, and jewelry – which you wear in the vicinity of your breasts – of course.

There are also marathons. “Race for the Cure!!!” they say. Imagine hundreds of women running a marathon, all in resonance with each other and all thinking about breast cancer. All mistakenly thinking their running is going to somehow stop what they now believe in the recesses of their minds is inevitable: breast cancer.

And the absolute worst pink product: breast cancer awareness underwear in pink bras and panties. Think about it. You are being asked to wear the representation of breast cancer directly on your very breasts.

That is a lot of fear.

The drug companies are literally creating the very market they are telling people they want to eliminate – breast cancer patients. But breast cancer is a very, very big business. Breast cancer advertising is even bigger business on very subtle levels.

There are now millions of extremely sincere, conscientious women, in resonance with each other, wearing an insipid shade of pink thinking that they are standing side by side other women of like mind who want to find a cure for a disease they do not even have but believe that they will get. There is no logic here, only exceptionally brilliant advertising. You surely don’t see men wearing shiny brown ribbons to fight prostate or testicular cancer. You absolutely don’t see men having their prostates removed or testicles loped off – just in case. No man in his right mind would do such an illogical thing.

So, what can you do to change your resonance? Do the following positive, exceptionally inexpensive actions:

  • Boycott all pink breast cancer products! Be politically incorrect!
  • Do not allow advertising to create fear in you.
  • Stop saying you are a survivor. Survivors just barely hang on. Decide to be a thriving personality, healthy and happy.
  • Love your body! Be grateful to your body for its long-standing service to you.
  • Anoint your beautiful body with essential oils.
  • Wear colors that make you happy. Not everyone looks good in pink.
  • Make peace with your body and give it the love and respect that it truly deserves. Be grateful for the body you have, no matter what its shape.
  • Live and be happy. Say good-bye to the breast cancer cause.
  • Shift your resonance to being healthy. Create an affirmation that says “Day by day in every way, I am getting better and better and better.”
  • Consciously choose that with which you will be in resonance.

This also applies to women who have already had breast cancer. By keeping them in resonance with breast cancer, they stay labeled “breast cancer survivors” forever. When do they heal? When is it over? When do the support groups end?

People who wear these bracelets and pins think they are being supportive, but potentially, they could be harming themselves.  Think about it. Is there anyone who isn’t aware of breast cancer????

The time has come to shift your resonance to being with people who are happy, healthy and who are enjoying the life and the body they have. Now is the time to become in resonance with a whole new wonderful reality and enjoy a healthy life for the rest of your life.

Check out these sites for other “fed up with pink” women


Photography by Tina Erwin. All rights reserved.

Calm Down! by Tina Erwin

“I don’t want to Calm Down!”

There are times, when telling someone to Calm Down just doesn’t work. Consider this scenario because it’s happened to all of us: we have an “OMG, how could this happen!” moment. Instantly this mini-volcano of rages accelerates upwards within you. Or you can be slow to anger as the full impact of what has happened begins to sink in to your very soul and a more seething, burning fury begins to build.

Someone has done or said something that triggered a fiery response in you.

You read about a terrible situation that lights a rally of rage against the injustice of what you learned.

Someone does something that harms your family, especially your children. The ‘mama bear’ in you rises up igniting the full power of your righteous indignation – and rage.

Someone damages your car and leaves the scene.

It doesn’t matter what sparks your anger, you are now in the barreling moment of this emotion. It’s as if someone shoved a freight train into high gear. It’s still under your control, but you can feel the power of your towering wrath.

And then it happens. Some well-meaning person steps up and says: “Look, will you just calm down!”

         Have you ever watched someone pour lighter fluid into an already hotly burning fire? WOOOOSH!!! You have rocketed up the flames of an growing, towering rage. Well that’s what it feels like when one supposedly calm person decides to ‘take charge’ and/or take back power in a situation where another person is filled with fury. The calm person feels a loss of power when the other person is angry so in trying to regain control they usually DEMAND that the upset person “CALM DOWN!” Not helpful, nor are these comments:

“Calm down, you’re behaving like a child.” This statement is condescending, cruel and arrogant. It completely belittles the person who is having a powerful emotional moment.

“You’ll get over it.” Yes, probably you will, but right now you need to work through it and you can’t just instantly ‘get over it.’

“Hey, you know? It’s really not that important.” But it is that important to the other person and you just stomped on their feelings.

“Look, it’s okay, I’m not angry about it.” Believe me, the other person may or may not care that you aren’t angry. He or she only cares that something has triggered an angry response within them and it needs to be managed. And often the very fact that the other person isn’t angry can make the first person even more incensed: “Really? You’re okay with what just happened??” Sizzle. This can actually trigger an even angrier response because it means that that other supposedly ‘calm’ person really doesn’t get the reason the first person is angry at all!


Even telling someone to think cool happy thoughts won’t make any difference if an injustice is the problem or grief is the issue.

How is telling a person who is profoundly upset to calm down in any way helpful? This is baffling: if the upset person could calm down he or she probably would. How is commanding that response productive in a provocative situation?

Sometimes, It’s Not Okay

Sometimes one person says to another: “Look, just calm down, it’s okay.” This person is trying to help but this answer can fall short of what is needed. If it were okay, then you wouldn’t be angry in the first place. There are those occasions where a person needs to be irate, needs to release that emotion in a controlled way.

So, what can you do to help someone who is filled with powerful anger? What are the most beneficial things to say without pouring lighter fluid all over the situation? Try these for starters:

“Wow, I can see that you are really upset, can you tell me what happened please?

         “I’m here for you. Go ahead; blow off steam. Let it all out.”

         “You must feel terrible. I can see why you are so angry. I get it. Now, how can I help you?”

         “Let’s work through what happened. Please fill me in. It’s okay to cry, this is terrible.

         Wow, I can completely understand why you’re so upset.”

         “Can I get you anything, a glass of water, some Rescue Remedy to help restore you a bit? What do you need right now?”

         “Gee, it sounds like you’ve had a terrible day. What happened? Can you tell me please, I want to help?”

         If you are the one watching another person feel this level of pure white-hot fury, then you can actually maintain more control over the situation and be of more assistance to the angry person by offering to listen, be helpful and simply be there for them.

Help your friend, spouse, child, co-worker, boss or even stranger to work through the cause of the anger and allow him or her to vent off that energy so that the person can find a resolution. This process can take a bit longer but will bring about a much more satisfactory solution than commanding someone to calm down. It’s a little bit harder type of service but it will help the angry person be able to reach that place of some accommodation inside themselves and feel better able to resolve what just happened to them. And if grief is the issue, consider reading The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief to learn how to help with various types of grieving pain.

Father’s Day by Tina Erwin

Involved Dads have so much to share with their children.

Involved Dads have so much to share with their children.

 Father’s Day*

Father’s Day means that it’s time to discuss parenting in a different light. What it means to be a mother seems to be more universally understood than what it means to be a father. There are far more “how to” books for mothering than for fathering, as if somehow, fathering is not quite as important.

Each of us has our own definition of what a father is or is not supposed to be based on our own unique experience. In today’s world, intact families are the unusual anomaly, no longer the norm. My daughter once remarked that she was the only one among her friends with original parents in a healthy marriage.

Is this state of affairs of separated families a good or a bad thing? It is not good or bad; that’s just how it is now. Often, because it seems that karma is being sped up, many things have to be resolved in this lifetime regarding relationships and at a much greater speed than in the past. What that means is that couples lead more complicated lives and it is often not as easy or as time affordable to work things out between couples. This, in turn, means that there are more and more families without fathers. Sometimes it seems that there is more karma being created on the negative side in divorces than can be resolved in one lifetime. It does not have to be that way.James and Zoey photo

Some divorce situations are so filled with rage and anger that kids feel disloyal if they try to maintain their love for both parents. Some parents use their kids as pawns to punish their partners. No one ever wins this pissing contest: everyone just gets really stinky.

Perhaps the greatest loss to families is the concept of the involved father. The involved father is a man who helps as an equal partner, respects the mother and remains in an active partnership with the mother, providing balanced discipline for the kids. Parents who support one another are often quite rare.

Many women who grow up without fathers never really understand men and often take on their mother’s hatred of men, which then deprives the daughter of a loving relationship with a good husband. Many boys grow up with fathers who hate and abuse women and the same situation is the result. These things work both ways.

We need fathers. The reason we have two parents is the balance and wisdom a child receives from both male and female perspectives.

We need fathers to be teachers to their kids, to be examples of what moral values stand for and for teaching that kindness backed with strength of character are the foundations for a successful life. We need fathers who keep their word and are fair in all their dealings.

The problem is that men and women who did not have positive role models often have no idea how to be that kind of parent. They fumble and seldom ask for help. Often they say well, it was okay for me, why isn’t it okay for my child? It simply is not. Each of us has to do a better job of parenting than was done for us and if we had great parenting, build on that foundation. Perhaps it is a good idea to identify what good fathers bring to the family.

A really good Dad is a teacher for all his children, offering them the benefit of his wisdom when it comes to people, politics, career guidance, sportsmanship, building things, tools, and life in general.

Close relationships with a great dad create stability in a child's personality.

Close relationships with a great dad create stability in a child’s personality.

The father who just sits in front of the TV and never spends time reading or holding his little kids misses out on an incredible opportunity to teach his children something. When you patiently teach them, it means you are spending time with them. One of my sons noted that some of his happiest times were when he was in the garage working on something with his dad – the give and take, the patience of learning how tools work. There were the times when they built gigantic Lego projects together and the guidance received at those times, enabled our son to learn how to build complicated Lego models on his own as a practice for following written directions.

Fathers teach balance in a marriage: doing chores, washing dishes, sharing in the cleaning, yard work and errand running.

Fathers teach consideration when shopping for birthdays, Mother’s Day and holidays for mothers and siblings.

Fathers teach politics when they discuss their jobs with their sons and daughters so that the children can understand how the real world functions from a man’s perspective.

Children learn what marriage is like only from watching their parents. Kids will do what their parents do unless they are very, very savvy and can differentiate from what was great about their parent’s marriage and what required improvement. The greatest gift you can give your children is a happy marriage.

Happy marriages mean stable homes and great kids.

Happy marriages mean stable homes and great kids.

Boys learn how to treat women with respect by watching their father interact with their mother. If the father is kind and considerate, then his sons will learn this. Girls learn how women are to be treated from their father’s attitude toward their mother. The abusive/disrespectful father creates abusive kids, abusive adults, and ultimately abusive parents. The physically and verbally violent father creates horrific trauma for children literally for generations to come.

It is always better to have a single mother family than have a violent family with an abusive father. The kids never really forgive the mother for continuing to allow the abuse much less the father for abusing all of them. Why didn’t she just leave him, they ask themselves for the rest of their lives, until they end up in the same type of marriage. It takes quite a bit of courage to leave that life.

Fathers are incredibly valuable and families need fathers for love and for balance. Families do not need fathers who are never there or who abuse.

Like everything else in human relationships, the father connection is very complicated. Let us hope that more men decide to be really great fathers because they are incredibly important in everyone’s life.

So, on Father’s Day or any day of the year, let us honor all those who do represent the best of fathering and let us say a prayer for all those fathers who do not, in the hopes that some day, they may come to understand the tremendous importance of the father’s role in a child’s life.

 *This Father’s Day message is dedicated to my sons, James and Andrew who are tremendous Dads!

Photography courtesy of James Erwin.

Why Do They Call Them Hungry Ghosts by Tina Erwin

What is a ghost? A ghost is a soul, who died, and ended up in the lower astral realms because he or she did not ever cross over into the light. Sometimes ghosts don’t know they have died. Some are confused at death and have no idea what to do since what is actually happening to them is nothing they would have expected.

The much anticipated ‘nothingness’ of death is untrue. Souls become visitors to the lower astral, or the valley of the shadow of death. A handful cross into the light, the rest languish in those dark environs.

The term Hungry Ghosts comes from many ancient traditions and there is much folklore about these types of ghosts. Some died a violent death, some died with addictions and others are ‘hungry’ for something else. The term hungry is often used with the concept of zombies, beings who are looking for something. But why do people call some ghosts ‘hungry’ ghosts?

Ghosts are dead people, right?

How can a dead person possibly be hungry?

Does this term mean they are hungry for human souls? (No, actually, zombie fans, it doesn’t.)

It’s not like a ghost is exercising and using up energy, so where did this term come from?

Does this mean that you should leave food out for your dead relatives? Oh, and if so, for how long? (What if it spoils? Do I replace it every day?)

Just how long is a ghost going to be hungry? Could it be for days, weeks or even centuries?

The term hungry ghost traces back thousands of years. Ten thousand years ago, the Egyptians were leaving food in Mastabas, or burial chambers for the dead. Families who could not afford an expensive burial chamber created an altar for their dead loved one somewhere in their home, and placed physical food on that altar for that person, often daily. The theory was that the soul would need food for their journey into the afterlife. The Ka or subconscious of the soul still remembered the essence of food and could still take nourishment from that food throughout their journey in death. Seeds, essential oils, and dried fruit have been found in pyramid shaped tombs throughout Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

It is important to note that the Great Pyramid had only an empty sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber. No remains, no mummies nor food were ever found in that pyramid and there were never any hieroglyphics in the Great Pyramid.* However, the pyramid shape was a very popular shape for modest sized temple buildings.

So, Why Food?

When you die, you leave with the memories of that lifetime. You not only leave those you love behind, you also leave objects that you loved and the humble pleasure that is inherent in eating food. Food represents more than merely sustenance. Food represents comfort, care, satisfaction, wealth – when you have enough food to eat, there is that part of you that feels wealthy. People who eat together have a sense of camaraderie, and togetherness. Eating strengthens you, gives you the resources to power your days.

Death stops all that. That’s often the cruelest shock of death, the loss of the physical pleasures of living. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sugary sweet things are often the taste sensations that ghosts crave. This is why bars are pretty much always haunted, and why alcoholism is so hard to overcome. When you drink, you automatically drop your frequency, literally, you lower your ‘shields’ and ghosts can simply walk right into your physical and etheric body. That alcoholic ghost has never stopped craving alcohol, so he or she will simply join you when you’re drunk. You can be hosting up to 60 dead alcoholics. Often if you can get rid of the ghosts, you can help to stop the alcohol addiction.

The same is true for drugs. Ghosts, desperately hungry for that next fix, also heavily inhabit drug addicts. That vicious craving doesn’t leave them in death.

But what about people not addicted to anything? Are they hungry as well? The habit of eating sustained life when the soul was in a physical body. The soul doesn’t know how to give up that habit in death either and looks for ways to satisfy that longing. Perhaps that is why some relatives placed food out for them, they could feel that subtle longing in the ghost’s presence.

Let’s Help Them: Use the Crossing Over Prayer

Souls should know how to make that transition from the 4th to the 5th dimension, but only a handful know what to do at the time of death. The rest are burdened by guilt, suffering, grief and pain. Those detrimental emotions hold the soul back from making that cross over. Many souls see the light when it comes for them, but they shy away, fearful of it, or perhaps not feeling deserving of it.

You may be wondering if you will have to make a banquet for the dead to restore them and then what do you do?

Fortunately, we know how to help the dead and no, banquets, large or small amounts of food are not necessary. All that is required is to cross that soul over into the heaven world where all of their desires are met, their pain healed and their soul restored.

This is easy enough to do if you have a compassionate heart. You will want to go to my website:   There you will find under Prayers, The Crossing Over Prayer.

Any living person can say The Crossing Over Prayer. You may want to say it several times using a commanding voice and you do it this way because the dead are looking for guidance. Be forceful. Provide that guidance. Tell them where they are to go. You will note that the end of each prayer section ends with the words, right now. This is because there is no time in the 4th dimension and the words right now tell the ghost that this is an immediate action. Once the soul has crossed over, you may feel it on sometimes a deep and emotional level or you may not feel anything at all. All that matters is that you have done great service for that soul.


        You cannot know the level of gratitude that any soul will send you for your kind and enlightened service to him or to her. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, say the prayer if someone else believes there is a ghost present. Again, acts of service are critical for the dead and will be the compassion you will want for yourself, although hopefully, you will know what to do at death.

Do not fear a hungry, scary or mysterious-seeming ghost. Replace that fear, that trepidation with courage and cross them over. You will be glad that you did.

*(I was fortunate enough to have climbed into the Great Pyramid in 1978 and made my way to several chambers and the Grand Gallery. The absence of a single marking or hieroglyph of any kind, anywhere on the inside of the Great Pyramid, was one of the most startling of my observations.)


“What? Me Change???

The reason that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity is because a logical person will see the problem, and the solution. Most of us have experienced a toxic relationship. How do we change that? Can we?

How really tired are you of being miserable?

How absolutely fed up are you with a specific situation?

How truly frustrated are you with your body?

How profoundly angry are you at a person, a job, a neighbor, a child, sibling, or friend?

Do you keep performing the same failing actions and behaviors over and over?

Or you are eternally trying to please someone who can never be pleased?

The only way you will ever see any type of different result is if you change at least one thing you are doing.

Are you constantly tired? Maybe your energy is blocked: see an acupuncturist. Some things are that simple. Others are much more challenging because they involve another person or even an organization.

Are you bone-tired of dealing with a toxic parent, spouse, or friend? Is this person causing you health problems? If this person really loved you, he or she would never treat you like this.

Remove yourself from that person’s life. It’s simpler than you may think. But wait, I know what your thinking: If I separate from this person I’d feel guilty. Guilt is your problem, not the toxic person’s. This toxic person isn’t feeling the slightest bit of guilt for making you miserable. If someone is holding up your spiritual/emotional progress and growth, then why in Heaven’s name is this person still in your life? Un-friend them. Stop texting them, accepting their calls, and being with them. You have to change. The other person or situation will never change.

Change may be scary, but the alternative is complacent acceptance of unending harm, damage to your body, mind and spirit.

Whether it is a person or a situation, change something. Change what you are doing or saying. Change your thoughts or dialogue with this person. You can never change anyone or anything else. You can only change yourself. If you can do this, you can make huge emotional and spiritual progress.


The Karma of Making Money?

By Tina Erwin

When is it acceptable to make money and not feel guilty about it? How are karma and money related?

Why do people who are selling a product that they make themselves feel self-conscious about receiving money for it? This person may be very proud of their product, but feel awkward about receiving money for it. Let’s take authors for example. The conversations frequently go something like this:

       “I have this deeply spiritual book and I’m so anxious to get it out. I’m not really interested in the royalties. I just want to get it published.”

        “I want my book to really help people, I want to share how God has helped me, whether or not I make money.”

        “I’m not interested in marketing my work or getting the word out about it because, you know, I only wanted to see it published.”

        Frankly, I’m baffled, simply dumbfounded by this attitude.

        Writing, completing and publishing a book represent a serious commitment and a tremendous accomplishment. Once you’ve done that, then the fun begins!

        Why in the world wouldn’t you be interested in the royalties from your work? Especially since you get to keep them all, up to 70% from global sales in today’s self-publishing market?

        Let me back up a bit. I have this really cool company, called Crystal Pointe Media, Inc. We’re a hybrid ebook/print-on-demand publisher (to quote my business partner Laura Van Tyne), which means that we help authors self-publish by meticulously guiding them though the, often, confusing and detail oriented process of actually getting their published work out to the world.

        After I began self-publishing my own books so many people asked me how I did it, that I started a company.

        Let me tell you, I love receiving the royalties that come from my book sales! When those royalties arrive both by check from some venues and by automatic deposit from Amazon every single month, it means that people liked my book, that they shared it with others, and recommended it. There is no finer feeling that writing a book that is designed to help people, and seeing those royalties come in because it means that you completed your mission: you are helping people.

        It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a spiritual, business, or children’s book, whether you penned an adventure novel or cookbook. What matters is that your book is helping the reader.

        Royalties are the evidence that your goal, your desire to help people is being realized. It is a measure of your success. If, and when your book becomes a best seller, what then? Will you be guilty if you are making half a million dollars a year? Will you feel worthy of it? What if you become a millionaire over night? Are you ready for that kind of wealth? If you aren’t sure about your answer to this question, then please, ask yourself, why not?

        If you write a business book best seller and all of a sudden, you are in high demand for speaking engagements and you are being offered $10,000 or more to share your method, will you be ready for this success?

        Frankly, your publisher (Crystal Pointe Media, Inc.) will be thrilled for you, even though we don’t make royalties on your work, we get to be the cheerleaders of your success. We want all of our authors to be best sellers!!

        Receiving money for your efforts balances the energy you put into writing and publishing your book. It costs money to self-publish. It is important to do all you can to market your book to balance the cost of publishing. Now, when the money comes in, feel that it was justly earned.

        Enjoy it, fellow authors you earned it!

Tina Erwin, CDR, USN [Ret] is one of the founders of Crystal Pointe Media, Inc. She is also the author of four books.

The Only Constant in Life Is . . . .

How did this child, this mere infant become your adult son or daughter? How did you miss this transformation? Why didn’t you notice them growing up into such lovely people?

Gee, you know that’s the house you grew up in but . . . it seems so different now. It’s only been twenty years. How could this structure change so much? You don’t remember it being so much smaller, rooms this dingy and the yard, so – so much less fun than you remember.

Blink and it’s gone.

Blink and your kids are adults.

Blink and you’re a grandparent.

Blink and your city, town, neighborhood are so different.

Even if you think you have been watching all the time, it is almost impossible to feel that you witnessed the change that is inherent in living.

You want the things so loved to remain forever, to stay unchanged, but the truth is, the truth that is unshakable, and unalterable is this:

The only constant in life is change.

Perhaps your best friend moved away. You’ll miss her. When you see her again, she will look like her old familiar self but she will be different.

Your daughter is moving to England. You’ll miss her. In the year she will be gone, you will have changed – and she will never be the same person who left. You and she will have evolved into different people. You both will be seemingly the same yet different in so many subtle ways. This isn’t good or bad: it is life.

Your children marry wonderful people thereby expanding your ability to love and if you are ready for a dynamic future, you embrace this life altering change.

Your son joins the military and he changes before your eyes.

Your son becomes a dad and morphs into an even more amazing person than you could have ever imagined.

Experience is the life elixir so desperately craved to help you to become who you are destined to become and yet . . . drinking from this loving cup can be challenging.

Along the way you find comfort in the familiar and the comfortable. Knowing how things are, knowing whom you can depend on, and/or that a specific personality is there is of enormous security and comfort.

When a beloved pet leaves, you not only grieve their passing, you grieve the easy, loving embrace that the animal’s presence represented. When that feeling is gone, an emptiness invades your world that is embarrassing to admit. Was it simply how much you loved your pet or how comfortable, familiar this creature was in your life that you miss so much?

Your life will change today. You may not notice it, but that change is coming. You may meet someone new who will rock your world in ways you had not anticipated. Whether or not the person stays or leaves. You will get to appreciate the lessons given and received that were inherent in the relationship.

Resistance is futile: time simply cannot stand still.

Change is married to time for eternity.

Sad things slow you down.

Joyous things expand and accelerate your thirst for life.

Grief offers you opportunities to reflect on love and to learn to embrace painful change.

That’s the basis of it all: embracing the change that has swept you this day and will continue to sweep you every day, regardless of whether you can even see it. The most powerful action you can take is to wear the cape of grace and walk hand in hand with your only truly, constant companion: change.






Guest Blog: Mandatory Vaccines by Dr. Wysong

March 9, 2015

The following article is from the Wysong E-Health Letter  ( Vaccines?
by Dr. Wysong

Modern medical technology is wonderful when it comes to life threatening emergency care, such as compound fractures, a cut artery, a blocked intestine, poisoning, shock, etc. There the choice is usually simple since life hangs in the balance. This is true even if the procedure could possibly cause harm or death.

Virtually any other medical intervention should be viewed with extreme caution and suspicion. That’s because the dangers, the side effects, could outweigh the possible benefits. Vaccines fall into this dubious class.

Here are some reasons for caution:

  1. A person is placing too much unwarranted trust in for-profit vaccine manufacturers and for-profit doctors when they blindly permit the injection of a substance into their body.
  2. The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) has caused confirmed adverse reactions and death. Some, such as Dr. Gregory Poland, of the Mayo Clinic, argue that the MMR is largely ineffective.
  3. The Vaccine Court has paid out around $3 billion for adverse reactions in children. Go to for information on “measles-mumps-rubella” or “influenza”.
  4. Read the package inserts that come with vaccines. Ask for them, or go to There you will find a host of listed dangers.
  5. In Europe only the polio vaccine is mandatory. But even that is problematic since the polio vaccine can cause polio.
  6. Thimerosal in vaccines contains 25 micrograms of ethyl mercury, which is trillions of atoms of mercury per dose. But there is no known safe level of mercury.
  7. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has permitted vaccine manufacturers and the medical establishment to escape from most liability, since, according to the court, all vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. In 1986 Congress made a special “Vaccine Court”, where there is no jury (completely sidestepping the Constitutional right to a trial by a jury of peers). The statute of limitations is onerous and short, and the burden of proof is extremely difficult. This permits vaccine makers to then now focus on their purpose for existence through advertising and commercialization.
  8. All flu vaccines are illegal, according to FDA law, since each year they are introduced into the market without sufficient time for clinical trials to determine safety and effectiveness. The nasal flu vaccine renders the recipient a virus shedder for several days.
  9. Vaccines can contain aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, antibiotics, monkey kidney cells, antibiotics, eggs, beta HCG hormone, urabi virus, and who knows what else. The safety of these elements is undetermined.
  10. The unvaccinated are blamed, by the vaccinated, for spreading disease. But why should the vaccinated care, since they are supposedly protected?
  11. Modified live vaccines can cause a vaccine version of the disease which can be spread to others. So it is not just the unvaccinated who spread diseases.
  12. Virtually all diseases and plagues declined BEFORE the introduction of vaccines or chemotherapeutic measures.
  13. Few people die from measles. This fact must be measured against the factual risks from the vaccine.
  14. Since 1986, Health & Human Services reports 669 deaths from the DTP, 84 deaths from flu vaccines, 80 deaths from the DTaP, 57 deaths from the MMR, 54 deaths from the Hepatitis B vaccine, and many more non-fatal adverse reactions. How then is it appropriate for the state to force injection of a possibly harmful or lethal drug on behalf of a profiteering medical-industrial complex that is immune from liability?
  15. In an October 2011 outbreak in Canada, over 50% of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine.
  16. The media, sponsored by a $30 billion per year vaccine business, exhorts everyone to take all recommended vaccines unquestioningly. Does anyone see a problem with that?
  17. Dr. Andrew Wakefield wrote in the Lancet in 1998 that colitis and autism spectrum disorders are linked to the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Wakefield’s results have been replicated in at least 28 studies in other countries.
    Nevertheless, he was denounced by the media and expelled from the medical profession in Great Britain. He has since been vindicated by Dr. William Thompson’s admission that he excluded contradictory data from his CDC study denying any causal link between vaccines and autism. The media has ignored this information.
  18. How could it be considered irresponsible and ignorant to question giving children 49 injections of 14 vaccines by age six, including a vaccine at birth for hepatitis B, or for women to follow the CDC and take inadequately tested flu vaccines when pregnant?
  19. Seventy three percent of kids aged 7 to 10 who caught pertussis in 2012 in Washington had been fully vaccinated. Most everyone who gets pertussis, gets it from a vaccinated person.
  20. Consider “the paradox of measles.” It is a paradox because those vaccinated are contracting the disease whilst the unvaccinated in many communities with outbreaks, are unscathed.
  21. The rise in shingles (a painful crippling disease) over the past decade or so, is due to the chicken pox vaccine. This link is not denied in academic literature and was confirmed by a study funded by the CDC.
  22. Vaccines banned in the west, are shipped to other countries. That should alert people to the true objectives of the manufacturers.
  23. Vaccines perpetuate the mistaken idea that health is someone else’s responsibility. Health is only possible by taking responsibility for one’s own actions, it is not something that can be bought or injected.

To consider any of the above points more carefully, just do an Internet search on the key words.