Be Politically Incorrect: Enjoy Christmas

Be Politically Incorrect: Enjoy Christmas

It is more than ok to be politically incorrect and enjoy Christmas and any other holiday. In these busy days of December, it is wonderful to remember that we still have the freedom to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. There are increasing numbers of Christians and Jews who no longer have the freedom to worship as they wish. Freedom of Religion is only free if we are all mindful that it is important to value freedom where ever we live. Saying Merry Christmas or Happy  Hanukkah should not be politically incorrect. Frankly, if my merry greeting offends someone that is not my problem. Friendliness is never politically incorrect. If someone says Happy Hanukkah to me, I  say thank you. It is the spirit of the greeting that is so important.

Politically Incorrect Commercialized Christmas is also a Freedom.

This is the first year that I am not lamenting the commercialism of Christmas. We have the freedom to choose to observe the ads, to be grateful the stores are so elegantly and festively decorated and that they offer gift ideas for others. Yes, the holiday music seems endless sometimes in the stores. BUT!! Imagine if these same stores were not allowed to play this music. What if the “political correctness police” were to ban all Christmas music? Can you imagine shopping this time of the year and not quietly humming along with that music?  Tired of it? We can readily retreat to our homes and the festive decorations that cocoon us there. Have a cup of tea and enjoy your tree. I love the lights that stores and homes put up. The United States is primarily a Christian/Jewish country. We have always been respectful of both traditions and many others. Many Jews and Christians happily swap cards, gifts and delicious baked goods that celebrate the season. Let us not forget this on the alter of political correctness. Other cultures/faiths readily benefit from the money made in December. In the past they have never resented people spending extra to purchase their products. All faiths are free to celebrate their holidays here. However, since the majority of the population of the United States is a variety of Christian or is Jewish then the celebrations made for Christmas here are perfectly normal.

Be Politically Incorrect: Value the First Amendment

The first amendment sets out freedom of speech (yes, you can freely say Merry Christmas) and freedom of religion (yes you can be any religion you want here) and freedom of assembly (yes you can go caroling and it is protected under the constitution.) Political correctness must NEVER circumvent the Constitution of the United States. NEVER. And the same should go in every other country as well. So, in the spirit of Christmas, below is my visual gift to anyone who may choose to enjoy these lovely images, regardless of religion. You can also click on them and see them up close. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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Enjoying the color, texture and aroma of your Christmas tree.





Enjoy lovely scenes.

Check out Rotherburg, Germany:


Decorate and make your home festive!


Bake some cookies. Share some cookies and don’t forget to eat some cookies!


‘Christmassy’ windows in Rothenburg, Germany.



Photography by Tina Erwin. All rights reserved.