Being Psychic Just Happens Sometimes 

     You don’t wake up one morning and decide to be psychic, especially if you are a career Naval Officer. It happens. Real psychic ability freaks people out.

      I’m really lucky to still be married to the same guy 43 years later since I pretty much freak him out on a constant basis. Bless his heart, he shakes his head and pretends he doesn’t know me at times. My kids and their spouses all had to swallow the weird stuff that always happens when I’m around. Really, how do you explain to your potential son or daughters-in-law that you have this odd ability to talk to the dead?


There Are No ‘Psychic Gifts’

     I do not believe in psychic gifts. Psychic abilities are not gifts, they are hard work that command a lot of responsibility. I love gifts, opening those bright shiny packages that you get on your birthday or Christmas. But let me tell you, I don’t ever remember opening a package that says ‘Remote Viewing’ – maybe if I had, they would have included an instruction manual. If there had been a package that said ‘Guide for Talking to the Dead’ I half wonder if I would have figured out whether of not I wanted to keep that ‘gift’. Blessedly, now I have actually written the three Ghost Stories books to help others in similar situations.

     I would have loved a book that would have guided me through understanding the shocking and unexpected terrors of the 4th dimension. Could have used that for sure! Some guidelines would surely have been helpful as I met my first black magicians, Lower Realm Intelligences and evil torturers. Nope, there is no manual for that one.

     But none of those books or gifts existed, which is why my intuitive sensability is an ongoing responsibility, not any kind of gift. Not ever.


Learning What to Do with Psychic Ability

     As the years passed, my psychic ability began to manifest more and more. Sometimes a new skill came in handy like the day I realized I could hear the spiritual realms. That evening, I heard them scream at me to stop the car I was in so that I would not die on a lonely mountain road in Medellin, Colombia. Yep, I was mighty grateful for that little skill set!

     I was also thankful for that overpowering feeling that engulfed me telling me that what the doctors said about my children at birth was wrong. That ‘6th sense’ about my newborn babies saved both of their lives.

     But you don’t get to pick and choose what ability you will and won’t get to have. It feels like there is someone else at a much higher pay grade than mine who decides that. For example, I was not any too thrilled when in January 1988, I saw in my mind’s eye, a 747 jet explode. The dead passengers actually spoke to me. I remember feeling frantic because I hadn’t learned how to help them yet. I almost threw up because I was so knocked down with their grief. My hysterical sobbing absolutely baffled my family. The actual disaster of PANAM 103 took place in Lockerbie, Scotland in December, 1988 but I saw it 12 months prior. I would surely have loved some ‘gifted tool’ to understand what I was supposed to do with that staggering piece of information.

     In 2003, my six-year-old niece suddenly died. How I would have loved to know that this life-changing event was coming and to have stopped it. But psychic ability doesn’t work that way. I wasn’t allowed to stop it. I wasn’t allowed to change that unrelenting, tragic future. But out of that sadness came my first book: The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.


Defining My Mission

     The day I discovered I could talk to the dead and help them find the light of the Heaven World seemed to help me define my mission. Out of hundreds of these experiences came the Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View Trilogy series. Now others can learn how to help the dead.

     I have asked myself a 1,000 times, what am I supposed to do with this growing level of psychic ability?

     Why do I have this ability to see through walls and doors?

     Why am I so easily able to help the dead cross over into the Heaven World?

     Why do I have a ‘built-in’ understanding of karma and spiritual law?

     Why am I able to help people understand what is happening to them on the psychic realms?

     Ultimately that turned out to be my spiritual mission: helping the living figure out what to do with their psychic ability and helping the dead know what to do after death.

     I have stumbled, fallen, been spiritually scraped up and have done what strong people have always done, gotten up, and learned from the present, how to be helpful in the future. This stubborn brand of courage paves the way for all of our tomorrows. I sincerely hope that something among these web pages, YouTube videos, my books and my podcast, The Karmic Path will be of service to you.

Love and Blessings, Tina