Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View Trilogy, Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Author Tina Erwin has a passion for helping the dead. She uses these 21 compelling ghosts’ stories, to awaken her readers to the plight and needs of the dead . . . and she shares new ideas on premonitions, life in the Shadow Lands and the very real concepts of soul possession. Each volume of chilling yet poignant stories, guides the reader to understanding a new level of  the paranormal, the needs of the soul after death and most importantly how anyone can help a soul to cross over into Heaven.


Helping Ghosts with the Crossing Over Prayer

    What do you do if you are a military person and you are extremely psychic? Tina Erwin is a retired US Navy Commander who spent twenty years working with the Submarine Force. And now she brings the concept of service to a much larger group: ghosts incurring karma even after death. But how does she help them? Tina offers us The Crossing Over Prayer.

    Albert Einstein noted that everything is energy and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. So what happens when a person dies? What happens to that soul energy? Tina asked that question and discovered that the vast majority of souls do not cross over into the Heaven World when the last spark of life leaves their body.

    Souls enter the 4th dimension, a land of no time, no helpful faces and cold, empty nothingness. This is the Valley of the Shadow of Death, eloqently discussed in the 23rd Psalm. These ghosts sometimes haunt the living or a location but always, they are longing to find the light. Living people who have seen or sensed a ghost have felt powerless to truly help them – until now.

    Tina gives us the tools to help any ghost to cross over. You do not need to pay a medium to do this for you. (Most mediums who talk to the dead do not actually cross them over.) Why is saying this prayer so important?

    Ghosts who haunt the living are still incurring karma until they finally make that transition to the Heaven World. When someone says The Crossing Over Prayer to help a ghost, karma is created in two ways. First, the ghost stops incurring potentially negative karma for haunting the living. Secondly, the mortal person incurs tremendously positive karma for helping that ghost.

    This prayer has been used in many parts of the world with amazing results. Say the prayer at least three times and say it like you mean it. Many people say this prayer each night before bed so they can help any soul who may have crossed their path during the day.