Who Are Lightworkers?
The people who are using these tools for the greatest good are Lightworkers.

        Tina Erwin, USN CDR [Ret] has spent much of her life studying and explaining the physics of metaphysics and assisting those in need. This website is designed to provide people with the tools and the knowledge to help themselves and others with difficult emotional/spiritual situations.

The answers to some of the most esoteric questions on life after death, crossing souls into the Heaven World, reincarnation, karma, grieving, psychic ability and being in the service of your fellow man may also be found here and among Tina’s books.

Many people refer to ‘psychic gifts,’ as if the person with the ability had a choice in opening this special present. This ability is not a ‘gift.’ Psychic ability ‘arrives’ out of nowhere. You wake up to it. It carries with it significant responsibility so that it is always used for the greatest good. A few examples of psychic abilities include, listening to that that ‘gut instinct’ or intuition, the ability to communicate with ghosts and those on the other side, deja vu, psychic visions, remote viewing, and medical intuition, hearing plants and animals, hands on and distant healing.

Helping the dead to find the Heaven World is one of the most compassionate things anyone can do for a troubled soul. The Crossing Over Prayers are specifically designed tools to help you to guide these lonely ghosts to their final home.

Some of the more common questions that Tina hears are addressed within this website.  The content of this website will be updated and more material posted on a regular basis, so please visit often!